The Automated Remote Biodiversity Monitoring Network (ARBIMON) uses audio recordings and automated sound identification to deliver best practice monitoring solutions ensuring transparency, accuracy and reliability in the context of understanding environmental problems. 

Your complete solution for acoustic biodiversity monitoring. 

Cloud Storage

Keep your data safe.

Our web-based platform offers a secure way to protect, store, and back-up your recordings and metadata. 

Cloud Database

Access your database anywhere in the world. 

Our web-based platform offers an easy pipeline to organize, search, and share your recordings. You can add multiple users and assign different roles to each user.

Cloud Computing

Analyze your data quickly.

Our web-based platform provides a fast solution for analyzing many recordings (i.e. > 100,000) quickly. The analyses are all done in the cloud, so a poor internet connection will not slow you down. Download your results as .csv files.

ARBIMON Main Features


Our web-based platform offers a complete solution for monitoring biodiversity. 



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