Acoustic Analysis

Our cutting-edge web-based platform provides a reliable approach for

uploading, organizing, storing

and analyzing thousands of recordings within minutes. 

RFCx Arbimon provides free species-specific identification models, community identification models (i.e. neural network), soundscapes analyses, and a citizen science web interface.


Scientific Support

We can provide support in all aspects of your project, from experimental design, field work, data processing, acoustic and statistical analyses, to producing

a final report or a scientific manuscript. 

Example of projects: 

  • Rapid biodiversity assessments 

  • Ecological impact assessments 

  • Long-term ecological monitoring 

  • Evaluations of noise impacts on wildlife 

  • Endangered species detection 

  • Soundscape analysis 



Our 2-day Eco-Acoustics workshops have worked well for beginners and experts. In the workshop, we cover all aspects of the Arbimon web platform, including species-specific models and soundscape analysis. With our help, some people have finished their data analyses by the end of the workshop.